What is Kissana?

Kissana is a overview for doctors practices, with that you can manage recipes and referrals. We offer you a tool that can be built by us in connection with your own website. Right now, only german is supported. But if you are interested, I may take steps to translate this plugin.

Why Kissana?

Your customers can order recipes and referrals by a digital form. This not only frees capacities from your employees by eliminating time intensive phone calls, it also gives you all information needed at hand - contrary to e-mails, that always lacks necessary data.

Furthermore, I'm always evolving the technical base of this tool, implement feedback and tailor the plugin to your special needs!

Easy management with Kissana

After the save login, you see heart of the Kissana tool: The collected data of inquiries from your patients. Without any data privacy flaws (no e-mails with personal information sent!) you get all relevant orders. The data itself stays on the server.

Archived entries in Kissana

The archive is a great way to get to browse through old orders. Done entries are saved here, so you can restore them in case of a mistake. Of course, you can delete single entries or the entire archive to keep track of newer entries.

Convinced by Kissana?

Kissana is already used since many years from a lot of my customers. Was I able to convince you? Then please get in contact with me to get a non-committal cost estimate for your individual website!

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