Good night ideas

Okay, enough for today. Teeth are brushed, so just lay down that book, lights out, eyes closed.
...Hmh, maybe I should already program the most important functions for the new project tomorrow. As flexible as possible. How to name the variables?
Damn, i wanted to sleep. So, good night.
...Did I already transfer the new tasks to Trello? Oh, and I got the zipped files from the customer. Okay, lights on and a little note to myself: "Get customer files from slack". Okay, but now: Good night!

I do know people that come home from work and can just shut off. I actually envy them. Because there are people like me that have ideas and solutions for projects in the night. Or that simulate procedures in the head hour after hour. No more night rest possible. If you are under pressure all day, the problems from work accompany you even in your free time. After getting home, the solutions come to your mind. Strangely, you searched for these solutions the whole day.

For getting back your awake/sleep rhytm, you need to leave the problems at work. But as a hard-working employee or freelancer, this ain't easy! You can't just turn of the pressure from outside or yourself. Are you still a keen worker when you look at the clock and say: "I don't care, it's my free time now?" Actually it just works like that. Because no matter how many Todos you can tick off today - you will never be "ready".

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