Daily Zen(d)

Here is why i meditate each morning for 20 minutes.

Concentrate. Focus. Important factors for professional work, especially when searching a solution for complex tasks. But what is the typical process?
Let's imagine, we want to create an architecture for an application. We dive into the functioning of this program. A little window pops up on the top right on our screen. It's a whatsapp message. A friend asks if we want to drink a coffee soon again. We answer: "Sure, how about Wednesday?" Okay. Back to work. We start all over thinking of the program's function. Something happens at the top right. Our eyes jump there and read "Of course. Let's say about 5pm?" Again we lost the track.

Most people misunderstand the word multitasking. Just as the computer, we humans are able to work on things "same time". But what most people don't think about: Just like a computer, the homo sapiens has a maximum capacity. When we do things in parallel, our attention is divided. It can be 50/50 or 80/20. But we will never be able to do two things both with 100% attention.

This model fits for the computer as well. But we humans have the disadvantage, that we can't just switch like a PC. While our brain is jumping to another task, we need to recapture again at what point we were. That's why finally we need more time to do two things same time as when we would do them one after another.

But what do we learn from that? Our daily lives is always drawing our attention away. But what we rarely learn in the western world is focus. So let's talk about meditation. For some, that may sound esoteric. But basically, meditation is nothing but focus. Apart from that, brain science also shows that meditating people cope better with pressure. Just like Yoga, also meditation should be a valid tool in our private life and career.

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